Completed Baby Room...quilt and all!


Okay, I can't actually say that this room is 100% complete.  But considering I've been making over two separate rooms, at the same time, during the holidays, while being pregnant I'd say it's complete enough...for now anyway. The only things left I would like to get done are a personalized cork board that I've made for each of my girls and a bed skirt for the crib.  But, that's all going to have to wait until this little one actually gets here, we have a named picked out, and I can find some time to finish them.

I took the easy way out for the baby quilt that goes in the crib and stuck with a simple strip quilt.  I also opted not to have this professionally quilted and I didn't actually use a normal binding on this quilt either.  In other words, I really can't call this a true quilt.
I ended up purchasing some of that pre-made baking (seen below) at a fabric store.  Then, I sewed this quilt together using the grid pattern on the back as my guide, something I like to call FAUX quilting.  After the front and back were sewed together I simply rolled the excess edges over to create the binding.  Simple, yet effective. 

And, let's not forget these beauties.  These hang on either side of the window in that room while the other two hang over the crib.
 I am in love with this room.  It's become my sanctuary and I constantly find my self sitting in here relaxing while my girls have their quiet time.

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