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As I mentioned in this post, I've been inspired to create some of my own canvas art for my girls rooms. We have a baby that we are expecting any day now and I needed a fast and inexpensive way to redo the baby room and decorate the new room for my two toddlers. Luckily, at Karena's suggestion, I was able to do just that.
I was able to create this look by making over some frames I had previously made for our first baby.  I had originally covered the frames with scrapbook paper and photos inside of them.  I liked the look back then, but this time around I was ready for something a bit more chic.  So, I started by painting over the scrapbook paper with a dark mocha brown.
As you can tell this process required several coats of paint in order to conceal the scrapbook paper print.  Such a simple change, but it really makes a huge difference.
Then, I simply used some good old Heat n' Bond and left over fabric to create the bird images which I bonded onto some white canvas that I already had on hand.  If you're not confident enough to free hand your images you can always use go to and find what you would like to use.  Once I had the images/scenes bonded to my canvas I simply cut them down to size and inserted them into my frames.
I love the new look.  It definitely has a more clean and streamlined feel to it, yet the colors also help to make it feel soft and warm.   
Once I had these made and hanging on the wall I decided that I couldn't stop there!  I loved how simple they were to make, I couldn't pass up the price, which was near to nothing, and I loved the look.  So, I made several more for each of the rooms that we were redoing and made sure that they coordinated with the quilts that I also made for all of my girls beds (more of those to come in future posts!).   Here are the other fun canvas prints that I ended up making simply by using some extra fabric, Heat n' Bond, hot glue, white canvas material, and foam board.
These two canvas pieces are hanging over the baby's crib. 
I used some of these to hang them up.

For my two older girls room I decided to cover some of the foam board with just one piece of fabric instead of using silhouettes or scenes.  I really like the look that it gives.

This really was such a fun project to work on and a great way to decorate a room on a budget. 

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