More Valentine Container Ideas


Last year I shared this  Valentine Canister  idea with all of you.
I also suggested some fun Valentine gifts that you could stash inside of them.  
They were a huge hit with my girls and will continue to be a Valentine's Day tradition here at our house partly because they were a great way to minimize how much stuff I purchased for my girls and ended up being a fun little package for them to open.  Since they were such a big hit I just had to share this other idea that I found from Yesterday on Tuesday...
I love the concept of using old food containers and recreating them into unique storage containers.  But, I thought it would also be a great way to create some additional Valentine containers for your kids, school teachers, neighbors or friends.  All you would have to do is change the color of your scrapbook paper and use and old red or pink sweater instead of a blue one.  Such simple ways to recreate what you already have on hand into the perfect little gifts.

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