Valentine Canister Goodies


Here are the fun little goodies that my girls will be getting in their canisters for Valentines Day (all found at Walmart):
Plain White Shirts (for church)--$3.50 each
Finger Puppets--$1.00 each

 I added the stickers and some ribbon to the bubble containers to make them a little more festive.  Then, I  rolled up the shirts and tied them with some ribbon so they would fit better in the canister.

 The finger puppets also needed a little something to cuten them up, so I simply covered their tags with scrapbook paper, added a bow, and wrote a little Valentine message to them.  Even though they can't read.
Elephant:  You're Unforgettable
Monkey:  Let's Hangout sometime
Giraffe:  We're Longing to be with you
Tiger:  We're Wild about you

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