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I don't know about all of you, but I am dying to see The Hunger Games movie.  March 23rd can't come soon enough.  I watch the trailer more times than I'd like to admit.  I decided to read The Hunger Games again before the movie came out.  It was supposed to tide me over before the movie, but I read it in three days...then I read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay within a week.  So sad.

Some of my friends and their spouses, and my husband and I, are all going on a group date to see it that Saturday morning.  Already bought the tickets and I'm ready to go.  But it made me curious to see how other people might me preparing for the big night.  I found some cute ideas.

These cupcake toppers are so cute.  I normally don't list Etsy shops, but there are just so awesome that I just had to show it.  You can order them from the Etsy Shop, Death By Cupcake.

But if you don't want to spend that, you can always do your own thing.  These are really clever and cute Hunger Games party ideas, equipped with Sleep Syrup, Cornucopia Weapons, District 12 Bread, and Night Lock Berries.  Go check them out at Oh Brooke.

This one is my favorite because it's something you can do yourself and it looks amazing and you can find it on At Second Street.  She simply placed these on top of frosted sugar cookies.  You'd think that she's a professional, but you'll be surprised how she did it.

Well, there's a few ideas that I have found and thought were fun.  Have fun with your Hunger Games prep.

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Creative Party Themes said...

These are great ideas. Love the buffet of labeled foods. There are lots of fun Hunger Games party ideas at Creative Party

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