Girl's Camp "Flashlight" Devotionals {Light Bulb}


#2 - The Bulb
The second thing you need for flashlight to shine is the bulb.  The bulb represents the light that each Young Woman shines forth.  This is their testimony, their service, and the example they give to others.  It is the component that actually admits the light.

Here's what I did for the handout.
You can buy these adorable bulbs at Hobby Lobby for $1.49 each.  I also got them with the 50% off glass promotion, so hold out for that.
Then I went to the local candy store.  Where I purchased pearl Sixlets.  Do not try lemon heads, they are too big.  I wanted them to be white, but yellow would be great too.

Then I simply filled them with candy and made this handout.

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