Girl's Camp "Flashlight" Devotionals {Switch}


#3 - The Switch
The third component is the switch which represents the Holy Ghost.  You may have studied and prayed, you may have your testimony and are serving others, but your light won't truly shine without the Holy Ghost to inspire you in your endeavors.

For this handout, I made these.

The thing that I needed to do first was to call each mother and ask what type of light switch cover they had, single, double, etc (some light switches are shaped differently so be sure to double check).  I bought them at Home Depot and they are super cheap.

Then I purchased some wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  Because I was making so many, it was cheaper than buying a bunch of scrapbook paper.  FYI - wrapping paper is VERY thin.  You have to be careful not to tear the paper and beware that it can bubble more easily when applying the Mod Podge.

(I'm sorry that I don't have the completed one for you to look at.  I only made enough for each of the girls and forgot to get pictures beforehand.)

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