Girl's Camp "Flashlight" Devotionals {Flashlight}


#4 - Flashlight (the vessel)
This was the testimony evening and the bishop is in charge of the devotional.  I asked him if he had anything in mind and then asked me if there was something that I would like him to focus on.  I know that I said that there were three components, but there's a little something extra.

The flashlight itself is each young women, who when she has all of the three components, is able to shine.  But there is someone who presses the switch and someone who holds the flashlight.  That person is our Father in Heaven.  When we have our batteries charged, when we have our testimony and example, and have the companionship of the Holy Ghost, we...wait for it...become instruments in his hands.  That night I gave them these.  You can purchase them on Amazon, here.

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Jen I said...

These are a great idea! These would be great for a baptism talk too. We have to do lots of those spur of the moment in our ward - I did one like this recently but your ideas are more eloquent and well thought-out! Wish I had time to order some flashlights for girl's camp next week! (Ours is during spring break here).

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