Journal Jar by Tricia


I loved this idea for a lot of reasons.  I think this would be great to do on a yearly basis with our kids individually or as a family until their old enough.  All you have to do is answer one question a day have a journal!   How easy is that?!

Below are some questions that Tricia had to go in the jar.  This would need to be added to if you wanted to have one for everyday of the year.  And the questions would need to be tailored to your family and/or each individual.


Melissa said...

This is only 90 questions.
Do you have more to make 365?
Or do you know of a place that has more questions?

Karena said...

These are the only questions that she gave to me. You would need to create more questions, but this is a great opportunity to do some more personalized questions. I know that there are more questions that I want to add for myself. Good luck.

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