Noah Mini File Folders


I made these two mini file folders games and both happen to be Noah based. The first one, I took a coloring page and deleted a lot of extras, added a bigger rainbow, and colored it.  BTW - I cut my rainbow colors by two (red/orange, yellow/green, and blue/purple) it would be too hard to cut out each color, and place on velcro or magnets on such a small space.

                                 Front                              Inner

The other, I can't take credit for.  I found it for FREE at Mormon Chic.  I only put on my insert page and cover page, since I wanted mine to look similar to my others.  If you want to make it a mini file folder, you will just need to make sure that instead of a full page, you minimize it to half a page.  Click here to make you own as well as many other file folder games.

                                 Front                              Inner

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