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I was so happy with the way my festive "boo" frame turned out that I got right to work on another project using the same technique. I immediately had an idea pop into my head and, lucky for me, I had all the tools I needed on hand. That good news meant I didn't need to wait until morning to go to the craft store.

The board I used was an extra one from a previous craft and the black ribbon and wooden letter "H" (which was purchased a few months ago for a project that never came to life) were also stashed away in my craft drawer. 
First, I covered the board with pieces of paper cut out of an old book.  (Make sure you don't forget to cover the top edge and two side edges.  I didn't bother doing the bottom or back since they really won't be seen.)  Once I had all my pieces and edges glued down I went over the entire thing with a thin layer of Modge Podge.  When everything was dry I sanded off the ecess edges of paper.
I wanted my board to say something Halloweenish and I thought it would fun to use the letter "H" for two separate words.  (I debated between "Happy Halloween" and "Happy Haunting")  I didn't have any vinyl, or quick access to some, so I opted on printing off some letters from the computer and cutting them out myself.  Yes, it was a little crazy of me to attempt that and it was a little time consuming, but that actually allowed me to move the letters around and figure out where I wanted everything.  Once I figured out where I wanted my letters I glued them into place and covered them with a thin layer of Modge Podge.

Once everything was in place I realized I had a huge empty space in the upper right corner.  I couldn't have that, so I whipped up a little vintage pumpkin decal to cover it up.  I used two pages from my book and folded them accordion style.  (Make sure you trim off the blank areas on those pages, so you only see the words.)

Then, I fanned out the two separate pages and stapled them together.  I also used a little hot glue to adhere the middle section and then mount to a piece of scrapbook paper.  Once that was done, I used some of my extra scrapbook paper to draw a pumpkin which I mounted onto another piece of scrapbook paper.   

I'm really loving how this turned out.   
Since the wood I used is so thick, this board can stand on it's own, but I went ahead and added some ribbon to the back in case I ever want to hang it on my front door or on my wall.  Until then, I have it sitting on a stand on one of my shelves.

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