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I had so much fun making this festive frame that I couldn't help but add a few more to some shelves that were in need of some Halloween pick me up. First off, you need to know that I've never been a big fan of decorating for Halloween, but I decided that I needed to give it a go. Especially since my leftover scrapbooking paper was dying to be used up. So, I used that leftover scrapbook paper, swapped out some existing pictures from their frames, and resorted to saying goodbye to an old book. Total cost on this here project of mine...ZERO dollars.

Here is what I did for the "boo" frame:
First, I drew up some some little swirly letters by hand and cut them out.  If you don't feel that freehand is something you could do then you can use vinyl, scrapbook cutouts, stickers, or you could simply print off some letters from your computer and cut them out. 
For this frame I wanted it to have that vintage feel, and the pages from an older book are perfect for accomplishing just that.  The book I used was purchased from a thrift store many years ago and it's pages have that antique look to them.  I cut out a few pages into smaller pieces; making sure that they were in random shapes and sizes.
Then, I used the glass from my frame to measure out a piece of cardboard.  (I went with cardboard because it gave me a nice solid base to work with.)  Once my cardboard was cut out I put Modge Podge all over it and started placing my pieces of paper all over it.
Once I had everything in place, and all of my edges glued down, I went over the entire thing with another coat of Modge Podge.
I then trimmed of the excess edges and glued on my letters.  When you glue on your letters make sure to place them far enough in so that the edges of the frame don't cut them off.

Here is what I did for the "Trick or Treat" frame:
I pretty much did the exact same thing for this frame as I did for this one, with a few minor adjustments.  Again, I drew the bats by hand and used a small cup for the moon.  I wanted to give some dimension to this frame, so I took a pencil and curled the wings of the bats in and distressed the edges of the moon and paper.  Then, I put it all together.
I very happy with the way they turned out and really like the look they give to my shelves.  In fact, I'm so happy with the way they turned out that I couldn't stop with just these frames.  I ended up making a few more items to add to my shelves and can't wait to share those with you!  Stay tuned for some more spooky surprises.

Love Notes by Lauryn

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