Expressing Gratitude


Saturday morning my husband looked out our front window and saw these three little neighbor girls raking up all the leaves scattered in our yard.
I wish I had captured them in action, but I thought about it a little too late.  However, I immediately decided that their little act of service required some homemade chocolate chip cookies topped with M&Ms.  So, I baked some cookies, let them cool, and put them on a plate all ready to carry over.  Wait a minute!!!  A plain old paper plate?  Surely I can do better than that.  Lucky for me I had some fun items on hand and was able to spice up a simple plate of cookies.

Here is what I put together:
I wanted each girl to have their own little personal "Thank You".  No sharing with the parents unless they wanted to.  I wrapped up their individual cookies in some plastic wrap and tied it all together with some twine.  Then I printed off a little thank you note from the computer, whole punched it and tied it on as well.  (I distressed the edges of the note)  Then, I pulled out some wooden leaf cutouts that I had from an old fall decoration and spiced them up with some ribbon and berry clusters.  Once the leaves were all done I glued them onto the thank you tag.  
I think they are a cute way to say thanks.  I really like how the leaves represent the service that was done and the fall season.  I'm sure I could have come up with something more creative than plastic wrap, but with the short amount of time I had to throw these together I think they turned out all right.  At least they thought so. 

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Yvette Packard said...

Thanks Camie,great idea, I think I will use this idea for my visiting teaching conference.

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