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Hi all... I'm Leah, and I'm the newest member of Cookie Nut Creations. I am so excited to be apart of this blog with these two great girls! I knew Camie from High School for about 6 months before I moved away. It's funny how the blogging world seems to bring people back in touch with people that you would have otherwise lost contact with. I'm a total blog-stalker.... yup, I probably have peeked in on you.

A little about me.... hum where to start??? Many moons ago in March my mom went to the hospital.... Alright I'll fast forward a bit.

My husband and I met on the internet 10 years ago... {it sounds really long when typed out like that} Our life has been anything but ordinary. A year and a half after we got married he joined the military and we were off to California for his training... then on to Arizona for more training, and then back to Utah where we are from. After Arizona came a 15 month deployment. We ended up back in Arizona for a while and another deployment and then a HUGE life change!!! While sitting in the desert in his camo gear the husband decided he didn't want to be a part of the military any more. So he served his time and got out. We are now in Florida while he goes to Palmer Chiropractic school {see... huge life change!} And what does all this have to do with me??

Everything. During his military time we had 3 boys and just recently added our 4th boy to the crazy mix. I have learned that being domestic is more than just a nice home. It's a home that you can feel safety and love. I know how to pack a house in less than a week's time and and I have no problem driving cross-country by myself with the crazies in the back seat.

I am now homeschooling the 2 older ones J-7 and T-5, {the other two are t-4 years and B-3 months} and although hard I love it. The only thing is it makes for a house full all the time and not a whole lot of wiggle room in the schedule for extra crafting time.

Being crafty is something I enjoy but I have so many half finished projects.{that's a huge fault of mine} but my goal is to get those things out and get them finished. {it's amazing what you can do with an audience}.

I recently started bottling and have really enjoyed building up our food storage. I love the sense of accomplishment seeing all the bottles filled and ready to put away.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with you, and hearing your feed back.

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