Easy to Make Aprons


Christmas is over, but I've already started working on stuff for next year!  Is that bad thing or simply being ambitious?  I was at Walmart the other day and saw a play kitchen set on sale for half off.  My husband and I already knew that was what we wanted to get the girls for Christmas next year, so I snatched it up and stuck in the basement to collect dust for the next year.  In the meantime, I thought I'd whip up some little aprons for my girls to use with their kitchenette. 
Lucky for me I had this kids apron on hand that my mother in law made for my husband when he was a kid.  I used this as my template and being the frugal gal that I am I simply used some leftover fabric that I had on hand. 
Once I knew how I wanted my apron to look I cut out my "pattern" and used the leftover edges for some little pockets.  I doubled my fabric over to make the apron thicker and more durable.
Then I sewed my two front pieces together making sure to add some fun Ric Rac trim between the two pieces.  The I sewed my two pockets together, added some ribbon to each of them and also sewed them to the front portion of the apron.
Once everything on the front was put together I sewed the interior part of the apron together.  (seen in the above picture off to the side.  Then I laid the two pieces on top of each other...FACE DOWN!!!!  Then I decided where I wanted my neck strap and two side straps to be and pinned them in place.  Once everything was in place I sewed the edges together leaving a 3 inch gap at the bottom to allow me to turn the apron right side out.
Once it was right side out I ironed it flat and sewed the 3 inch gap closed.  Then I decided to add some  bows and buttons to the pockets to add a little something extra and fun.
I think my girls are going to love these.  I've only made the one so far and can't wait to see how the other one turns out.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of that one when I get it done.  This only took me a total of 2 hours to make and that was with some interruptions from the phone and my girls.

This next apron was something I made at a church activity.   I wanted to show it to you to give you an idea on other was to make an apron.  Instead of using fabric they opted for a regular kitchen towel.  Note that the fabric for the kitchen towel is very thick and durable.
They cut out a generic apron shape from the towel and used the leftover pieces to create a fun little flower to add onto the body of the apron.  (The black fabric was also used from a kitchen towel)
Then we used regular black ribbon as the straps and ties.  I opted to reinforce my ribbon by sewing it with my sewing machine to the back of the apron and then hot glued the buttons to the front.  You could just sew your button and ribbons on by hand, but the sewing machine it faster and much more durable.
So simple to make and such a creative way to reuse something you may already have on hand.


Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Cute! Aprons are so fun to make

Brooke said...

That is such a cute apron! My parents gave Bindi a play kitchen set for Christmas and she loves it! A little apron would be perfect! You'll have to send "k" over to play so you can do some more cute projects.

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