Baby Doll Clothes


As promised from this previous post (Doll Stroller Makeover) here are the outfits that my mom made for my girls baby dolls.  She did such an amazing job on these and went above and beyond what I expected.  She even made them little jammies and matching blankets.  I on the other hand didn't make a single clothing item.  However, I did make all the little headbands for the dolls.

My mom ended up using a pattern for all of the clothes that she made.  The two dolls are each a different size, so she bought a pattern that had three different size options and then made alterations where needed.  For the head bands I simply used white elastic and black knee highs.  FYI--The larger doll was purchased at a thrift store for two dollars and was in mint condition.  All it needed were some clothes.


THANKS MOM!!!!  The girls have loved their "new" dolls and can't get enough of them.


Deborah Raymond said...

The first doll looks just like one my daughter has that came with hideous clothes.So she prefers to stay naked as opposed to wearing the ugly outfit she has. After seeing the clothing your mother made, I think our doll needs some too.

Chastina said...

Adorable! Those are some of the cutest doll clothes I've seen.

Dubem said...
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Jenny Lynn said...

Glad you shared, because I heard about this project. They turned out amazing.

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