Big Letters


Have you seen the Rachael Ray talk show?? I don't get to watch it often but when I see it I drool over her great big letters "R" I love that idea. So now I look for letters for my wall.

Anyway... as a gift for some friends I made them some letters. And it's really easy!! These letters I picked up at Micheal's for less than $3. {There are bigger ones that I like better at JoAnn's , I just didn't want to lug 4 kids across town during nap time....}

When you get them do a light sanding on them to get off any extras that some times happen. Little splinters or extra runs of paint.

Then just start painting. I usually stick to black. It's pretty neutral, and it won't clash with much. And since mine were gifts I decided to use a color that can go with everyones' walls
The price stickers were so hard to get off that I left them. I would rather paint over them then have to deal with a sticky mess. I did at least 2 coats on the front, and just one on the back.

Once you finish all your coats of paint and they have dried. You can sand the edges. If you can wait at least 15 minutes to sand that would be best. If not you may end up with little finger prints in your almost dry paint.
I usually rough up the corners a little more so it's not so uniform.
Here you can see what sanding the edges really does for the letters. It really makes them stand out.
When you are done sanding and are happy with it, give it a good wipe down with a dry rag to get any extra sawdust off.

Then go over it again with a coat of decoupage. I use the gloss kind and I will do two coats of that. I know in the picture it looks kinda white, but it dries clear and gives it that little extra something.

And I'm sorry that I don't have a fully completed one to show, but they really are cool and really easy to do!! I did 4 of them in about an hour and they turned out great. And best thing..... it was all under $3 per letter!!

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