Treasure Boxes


Oh the joy of having a baby who doesn't want to nurse and gets sick on any formula other than the most expensive one.... but that's another post entirely!

So we have a lot of formula containers and I wanted to do something with them. I mean we really do go through a lot and just to throw them away I felt was a waste.

Side note.... I really love my boys!!! But really do they need to keep ever dirt clod that they find, or the half eaten raisin? I find the oddest treasures in their drawers and under beds.

So I thought of treasure boxes. If each boy had one, in theory that's where all the "coolest rock ever" could go. I looked into getting them a lock box with a key but quickly recanted when I remember Tim has swallowed little batteries and a dime.

So I grabbed then empty formula containers and wallah!!! Treasure boxes!
A couple good coats of paint. Red was the hardest to get to cover completely and I found that it's best to let it dry completely between coats or the paint just comes right off.

I used really heavy primary colors to get them to cover all the way. I like that the lid is yellow, it kinda completes the look. {the paint is still wet here}

After you finish painting, you'll want to set the paint or it will scratch off. I used decoupage and set it that way. An it gave it a real nice look. 

Now each boy has a place to put their treasures... and no more dirt clods in the underwear drawers.

Now I am still using formula, and I still have containers.... any new ideas from you?


Susie B said...

I was the same way about tossing out those really cool formula containers. I have kept mine and put them in the garage for small screws and nails and other small tools. In the craft room for ribbon scraps and so forth. but my favorite use is for the crayons.

{leah} said...

Susie! Thank you!! I can't believe that I didn't think of that. Out they go to the garage!

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