Make Your Own Handwriting Practice Sheets


Wow, I still haven't recovered from the summer break.  I'm still getting used to the kids schedule and the best way to manage my time.  Having my two oldest gone for 6 hours of the day is a great time to get things done, but when they come home...time is out of my hands.  With all their homework and reading assignments there's not a lot of time to get anything done.  My Kindergartener is starting to get homework, but we've also been asked to work with them on their writing skills with their names, the alphabet, and letters.  So his teacher led me to this website, Amazing Handwriting Worksheets.
In a matter of minutes I was able to create alphabet sheets, number sheets, and some with his name.  They have both print and cursive, you can choose the size of the lettering (e.g. larger for beginners) and how many times it repeats, and it's extremely easy to use.  This would be a great tool for homeschoolers (I'm starting to consider this option myself).  If you have a child who's learning to write, starting cursive, or needs to work on their penmanship, this is the site to use.

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Priyankska Agrawal said...

Handwriting of an individual is a mirror of one’s soul and personality. When considering the scientific perspective, the importance of good handwriting stands strong.

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