Introducing Jodi


A little while ago, I shared the post, Subway Art. I had mentioned that it was a creation of my friend's making.  She has been my friend, my workout buddy (aka my makeshift personal trainer) and then my very, good friend despite her pushing me to run harder and lift more.  Besides the Subway Art she made, she has done several other things that she has wanted to share.  So, I seized the opportunity and asked if she wanted to become an author.

So here's the introduction to our new author and my friend, Jodi.

I am a Southern Utah girl who is finding her way in Texas! As a mother of three children, and wife to the most amazing man in the world, my to do list can get pretty long. I enjoy finding manageable solutions to help me enjoy my journey a little more (and actually help me check off that list). If I happen to spray some paint or Mod Podge something along the way, even better! I find so much satisfaction in creating something new.
My Grandma Rae is my inspiration for all things colored, thrifted, sewn, made new, re-purposed and just plain wonderful. She is the one that instilled in me to always try, I could make anything beautiful, and that I could do it myself. I am always looking for simple ways to enhance my little corner of the world! More importantly, I am looking for moments when I can teach my children the gospel, read to them on a lazy afternoon, or take a trip down the slip and slide.

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