Ringing in the Holidays


I know that Thanksgiving is still in need of being celebrated, but it's never too soon to get started on all that Christmas shopping.  Especially when it involves locating that perfect gift for someone.  So, whenever I find myself roaming the isles (especially at the dollar stores) I find myself looking for great, inexpensive items that need a little pick me up.  The other day I found these....at the dollar store.
I instantly thought they would make the perfect ornaments.  So, I grabbed a few for myself and then some extra for my mom.  I really liked them as is, but I thought they would be even better with a little extra something.  I knew I had some ribbon at home, so the only other thing I needed was some of these great berry stems....also from the dollar store.
Then I came home and went to work.  I simply cut off some of the berry clusters and glued them in place.  Then I made a bow from some green ribbon I had on hand and glued that on as well.  I love the way they turned out and can't wait to hang them on my tree.  They took no time at all and would make great gifts for neighbors. 
These two already had the ribbon on them.  I simply added the berry clusters.

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Libby said...

I just bought my bells from a local dollar store and am playing with arrangements for the decoration. I choose smaller bells b/c I have to mail them.

Thanks for the great idea...happy Thanksgiving--don't over do eating the turkey!

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